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9 compelling reasons to have own event app

выгода приложения


Save money on print advertising.


It is easy to change

the schedule or any other important information.


Rest assured, your guests will always know what, when and where is going on.

реклама спонсоров мероприятия


Promote your partners

and sponsors.


Start a vote or a poll right during the reports.


Confidently keep pace

with times.

маршрутизация мероприятия в приложении


Suggest the best route between the event points of interest.

Get the presentation
увлеченность аудитории мероприятия


Keep your audience involved till the next conference.

нетворкинг в приложении


Make personal contacts! This is the best advertising.

Have some time? Watch a video!

Wide functionality and reasonable price

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The app covers the most important aspects of an event and allows you to carry out previous processes with greater output and greater control. Ordering app, you do not just buy a guidebook with a map but you invest in a unique instrument that will pay you back with convenience and your guests loyalty.

Есть минутка? Посмотри ролик!

Tools for organizers

Information about speakers

The individual information page for each organizer and speaker. Guests can contact all of them personally. An excellent opportunity to establish new business relations.

Partners and Sponsors

Interactive pages with sponsors’ and partners’ advertisement. Colorful banners and the link to the company's site will raise brand awareness.

Gather information from the audience

Create a poll right during the lecture or speech and get quick feedback from the audience. Results analysis will show you the guests preferences.

Instant notifications

Notify guests about changes in the schedule, the start of voting, or the start of the promotions. Immediate push-notifications for each phone.

Find out your guests mood

The app user can assign a rating for each report. So you will get the individual opinion from each guest.

CampuZ tools for event organizers

Features for attendees


Easy-to-use schedule, with an indication of current events. The ability to make your own schedule of the selected events and set up a reminder will help you not to miss important report.

In-door map

Accurate location scheme with all floors, entrances, and exits, important places pointers. Every visitor can easily find what he or she needs.

Location map

Everyone will easily find the venue, even if the guests don’t know the city well.

Ask the expert

Each visitor can write a question personally to the expert or event organizer. Effective communication with the audience.

Reports rating

Users can provide information about their interests by rating the reports.

CampuZ features for event attendees

Every guest can create the own route to the event and visit the most preferable reports and points.


A great opportunity for all the guests to establish new personal contacts.


CampuZ for iOS and Android

You'll get a mobile assistant for two platforms at once



CampuZ web-platform for event organizers

CampuZ is a platform for event organizers. You can order also a website. It has been designed to suit all the needs of the organizers!

Website and mobile application on the CampuZ platform operate as a whole, when you add information to the site, it will immediately appear in the app.

The official website of the event

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CampuZ - сайт мероприятияCampuZ - приложение для мероприятия

The event app

The event website




сайт для организации мероприятия

the main source of information about the event

registration of guests and speakers


selling of sponsorship packages moderation of reports


easy and quick schedule updates

reports broadcast

a forum for visitors



history storage of the conference photos and videos

a unique page for each report

feedback collecting from participants

audience engagement to the following event

Website for the event organization

Large events

have already chose us

mobile app for Drupal event
Drupal Camp

The most expected and significant event for the Russian Drupal-community.


The largest federal exhibition of the technical and technological science achievements.


sq.m. of exhibition space

16 000


translation views


mobile app for medical event
mobile app for hi-tech forum


VIII Siberian forum of information systems industry.

mobile app for medical international congress

Medical diagnostics

VIII nationwide scientific-educational forum.

Representatives of innovative products customers


experts from 24 countries participated in the forum

3 777

mobile app for medical international congress


III International Congress ASTAOR In collaboration with ESSKA


mobile app for medical event

Outpatient visit

Educational sessions cycle for outpatients hospitals physicians

experts from

11 countries participated

in the congress



launches of the app everyday

mobile app for City Day celebrate

City Day celebrate app

An app for 122 Novosibirsk birthday.

mobile app for international fair

Handicraft Formula

XVI International fair in Cultural and Exhibition Center “Sokolniki”


event locations all around the city

50 000


of the fair


Формула Рукоделия

XVI Международная выставка-продажа

в КВЦ "Сокольники"

Приложение CampuZ стало неотъемлемой частью мероприятия и помогло решить многие организационные вопросы. Хочется отметить заинтересованное отношение и быструю реакцию на наши запросы, слаженную работу, пунктуальность и обязательность. Мы желаем команде CampuZ успешных проектов и надеемся на дальнейшее плодотворное сотрудничество!

Андрей Семенюта

Исполнительный директор REX Group

Обслуживая ряд проектов разработками компании, мы остались довольны результатом. Особенно ценна функция «голосование» с мгновенным выводом результатов опроса на экран. В данный момент ведем переговоры по расширению сотрудничества, которое намерены продолжить в дальнейшем.

Таймураз Саламов

Коммерческий директор конгресс-оператора «МЕДИ Экспо»

Несмотря на сжатые сроки, работа была выполнена качественно и вовремя, что подтверждает профессионализм сотрудников компании. Надеемся на продолжение плодотворного сотрудничества по разработке мобильного приложения.

Н.Ю. Гаврилов


нажми для теста демодемо для приложения CampuZ

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